Welcome to URU Home where you will find a wide variety of handcrafted, ethical and unique home accessories. We have everything you need to add that extra decorative touch as well as functionality to your home.

All of our products are made using only natural and sustainably sourced materials that are beautifully crafted with care in Burma (Myanmar). Our Basketries are primarily created from Rattan climbing trees, with the majority grown in Northern Burma and to which we owe our name, URU, borrowed from the river near to where the vines are grown. We use reclaimed wood from the fastest growing tree type called Lebeck (rain tree), collected from the aftermath of the monsoon. This wood makes the perfect ethical material for our products, keeping in balance with the environment which is paramount to our business.

Our Story

The foundations of URU Home came from the founder, Aye Latt. Aye was drawn back to her roots in creating the company. She was raised in Northern Burma but has since resided in the UK for over two decades. She has always had a passion for beautifully hand crafted products and recalled her youth of seeing traditional handmade Burmese crafts. This went on to inspire her to rediscover this love for the industry and her native land, bringing these unique and exquisite pieces to the UK. Sharing a little bit of Burmese culture with UK homes has always been a dream.

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