Our Story

The foundations of URU Home came from the founder, Aye Latt. Aye was drawn back to her roots in creating the company. She was raised in Northern Burma but has since resided in the UK for over two decades. She has always had a passion for beautifully hand crafted products and recalled her youth of seeing traditional handmade Burmese crafts. This went on to inspire her to rediscover this love for the industry and her native land, bringing these unique and exquisite pieces to the UK. Sharing a little bit of Burmese culture with UK homes has always been a dream.


Despite the slow increase of Burma opening up to the global market, there is still great difficulty in expanding the reach of these artisans' works to a wider marker. This is where URU Home's mission lies. We want to change this and make these wonderful, traditional products more widely available and in turn support the communities that produce them, creating a positive impact in their lives.

As well as supporting local crafting communities it's significant that we also have a positive impact when it comes to the environment. More and more people are coming to understand the importance of protecting and preserving our environment, this is why all our products are made from ethically sourced materials. Our wooden products come from reclaimed wood, normally left from the aftermath of a monsoon. We can turn the destruction into a positive, creating wonderful home accessories. Our exquisite woven items are handmade from Rattan climbing vines, when the creeper is removed the trees are left as they are in in the forest. By using this method we have a sustainable resource and can be sure of not having any negative impact on the environment around us.

Our products are natural and offer a simple colonial look that will add to any home. By purchasing from us you can be assured that not only are you getting a beautiful and functional item but you are also supporting a small community in Burma. We are very proud to say that each item bought is ethically made using natural resources.